People and our planet need a shift
to a global peace system
So, if you want peace, prepare for peace!

Our global challenges require:

A United Nations Emergency Peace Service


  • Prevent armed conflict and protect vulnerable people;
  • Respond rapidly and reliably before crises escalate;
  • Provide prompt help to address human needs in complex emergencies;
  • Encourage military build-down and wider disarmament;
  • Save succeeding generations and trillions of dollars to address our climate emergency, poverty reduction, sustainable development, and;
  • Inspire people, political will and funding for the vital work of the UN.
Sustainable common security is an urgent priority, as well as a progressive ideal. Like any ideal, it is an aspiration and a guide towards better.

In the emerging global-local environment, mutual vulnerability appears inevitable. Similarly, security will remain elusive unless shared and approached as a common, continuous responsibility.

Sustainable common security is largely synonymous with positive peace. Both are more holistic than the narrower notions of national and international security or the conception of negative peace (the absence of direct, overt violence). Both are increasingly interdependent across systems, beliefs and borders. Both make the connection between direct violence, structural violence (exploitation and exclusion) and cultural violence, and help in efforts to curtail each.

As we inhabit and depend upon complex problematic systems — political, environmental, economic, military – more comprehensive, integrated analysis is essential to understand, improve and transform critical systems.

There are better approaches and promising alternatives. Prior planning and preparation do help.